Marlon Jamera

When I was four years old, I started to practice writing. Writing is one of the most traditional arts. It needs a lot of practice. So every day I had to practice writing for one hour at least. When I was in the primary school, my mother always take time to teach me how to write, thats why i owe my mother a lot! It took part in many communicational activities with local friends. One of my works were set to them as a present. My primary school, Education and Training Center School II (grade school), was among the schools which one of the first school opened for free . So every year a group of delegates came from other kinder school that they would visit my school to take part of the grand activities. In those activities, I performed writing so I had many chances to contact with the outside world. So I was greatly impressed by them.

As for my family, I have one sister and one my brother as well. My father was use to work in the D’Bakers Bake Shop for almost 24 years now. My mother was been taking care of the household chores since she didn’t got work. My brother was in his 2nd year in college now, and he has chosen to be a basketball player in their school.

Currently I am a Website Designer in an organization where all my skills and abilities along with extensive experience in this field are very valuable and I can get a chance to prove my creative and graphic skills in a professional way.

Moreover, I am also a WordPress Designer where I may be able to utilize my skills, knowledge, abilities and sound experience by providing quality services as well as earn more experience with a well reputed and well established organization.